American Fullblood,  Pureblood and Wagyu/angus cross all have bloodlines traceable to Japan,  but genetics is only one factor behind great-tasting meat — different climates, feeds and ranching practices also create variations in flavor.

Fullblood Wagyu (100% genetically pure Japanese Wagyu) and Purebred Wagyu (over 93.75% pure) — are a delicacy, with sweet umami flavors and amazing marbling akin to their Japanese cousins. 

 Wagyu Cross ( less than 93.75% Japanese Wagyu) carries a more beefy, robust taste — perfect for nights you want a classic steak dinner, but elevated tenfold. Whatever variety you choose, impeccable standards, outstanding flavor and tenderness are a guarantee. Quantities are limited — order now before you miss out on American Wagyu!

Welcome to K-Bar Ranch

Raising & Selling 100% Fullblood & Pureblood Wagyu Beef & Wagyu/Angus cross

Pasture Raised, Grass Fed,
Beer/Organic Grain Finished

Our Cattle are pasture raised on all natural grass on 200 acres. We are  located in Malo WA, in the Kettle Mt Range and bordering the Colville National Forest. Our cattle live in a stress free and vibrant environment. We keep our herd on the smaller side in order to optimize grazing without depleting our pastures.

Our Wagyu steers are finished on all natural NON-GMO organic grain specifically blended for our ranch as well as beer brewed just for us by our local brewery. This combination of natural grass, pasture raised and beer & grain finished produces a wonderfully marbled and tender selection of Wagyu that melts in your mouth.